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Clearwater, United States
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Real, True, Genuine Gentleman is not preferred member subscriber

Real, True, Genuine Gentleman only interested in serious marriage minded excellent nice decent lady companion, partner, not a maid, servant, cleaner;

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You, seemingly nice decent lady, will share all your life experiences, honestly-sincerely-truthfully-genuinely with Real, True, Genuine Gentleman, regarding your, seemingly nice decent lady's following: Marital-currently in process becoming married/divorced/separated-engaged & how many times married/divorced/separated/engaged; Children-how many- gender/ages; Gender Preference/Orientation/Monogamous-Gay/lesbian/homosexual-heterosexual & one-one exclusive or multiple partners; Interaction/activities/involvement-interests/curiosities with: Gay/Lesbian,
Homosexual/Transvestites/transsexuals/transgender; U S/Intl born/raised, U S/Intl citizenship, US/Intl criminal-chemical dependent-narcotics, drugs/alcohol/pharmaceutical prescriptions/civil; U S/Intl education-PHD-MASTER-BS/Some/trade/vocational/business college/some-attended-
did not graduate/high school diploma/ged; US/Intl profession/career/industry/title/position,
employment length; Your, seemingly nice decent lady's temperament/demeanor: Psychological-
Emotional/Mental/Verbal/Physical/Financial/Social/Personal/Professional abuse/accountable-responsible financial stability; height/eye color/brows/lashes/hair-length/clothing/footwear size/weight; Interests/hobbies/music/movies/theatre/sports; You, seemingly nice decent lady will answer all above, about you, as requested, inquired, asked by Real, True, Genuine Gentleman, unless you, seemingly nice decent lady have something, many things about yourself, life,
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You, seemingly nice decent lady, will share, honestly, genuinely, truthfully, sincerely, all your life experiences, specificities, specialties, generalities, basics besides your profile;

You, seemingly nice decent lady, will answer honestly, genuinely, truthfully, sincerely, all Real True Genuine Gentleman questions;

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