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gianno96, Elgin, Illinois, United States
Elgin, Illinois, United States
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I could give you a bunch of different facts about myself like my height (5'6) or the color of my eyes (brown)...etc. but I have a feeling that most of the other men on this site just gave you a bunch of facts about themselves in the hopes you might see something you like. I believe the proof is in the pudding, but I will say this, I have a new passion for life that seems to be very rare.

I believe in the concept of having a 'one and only' and am a romantic fool. I know the right one is out there for me, but for now I am just meeting a lot of the wrong ones.
I value relationships, am a hard worker, a good provider and a skilled communicator. Trust is paramount to me, as is respect, and I put great stock in strong ethics and values.

I am a challenge, a bit elusive, fun, vibrant, funny, fun to be with, sarcastic, not afraid to put you in your place, or have a little verbal sparring back and forth.
I am very open minded, and always up for adventure.

If I can find a woman, then I would be interested in seeing where that could lead. If something happens, then it is meant to be.

I don't like to label a relationship cause you never know what could happen. I like to let nature take its course. Sometimes in life you need a "wake up call" to figure out what is REALLY important to you. I learned that having someone special in my life is vital, and that's why I am on this site.

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